Hammonds deserves total gratitude

Published 10:57 am Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dear Editor,

Occasionally someone materializes to meet a need, and their appearance seems to be divine intervention. Such was the case when Dr. Phil Hammonds was hired by the Alabaster Board of Education last summer to build the foundation of a new school district.

He strode into unknown waters and brought order to uncertainty. His experience with the Jefferson County School System provided the knowledge base from which he operated, but his Spartan work ethic and dedication to education spurred him to excel in every aspect of his job.

The bridge that he built between the two school boards stands rock solid, and the courteous yet efficient manner in which he and the Shelby County Board of Education worked together made what could have been a stormy process appear seamless and fluid.

Both sides are to be commended for their efforts to reach out and alleviate roadblocks, and Dr. Hammonds deserves the credit for his stellar representation of an organization still seeking its own identity.

The quiet, selfless manner in which he calmly directed the “baby steps” taken by the Alabaster board causes one to speculate if he was indeed a gift from a power much greater than you or I, put in the right place at the right time.

Hats off to the Alabaster BOE for having the insight to bring this true gentleman into the fold. I, along with every resident of our city, owe Dr. Hammonds a huge thank you for what he brought to the party. His sendoff party on May 29 was in the character of the man, subdued and appropriate.

In a parting gesture at his farewell gathering, Dr. Hammonds revealed that he will be donating some unused vacation pay due him to the high school band uniform fund. This is a man who truly walks the walk when it comes to caring about educating young people. A simple “Thank you” is all he would accept, and that by no means covers how much we are in debt to this man.

Bob Hicks

Alabaster City Council