Learning continues in the summer with drug abuse awareness workshop

Published 12:35 pm Thursday, June 27, 2013

By LINDA LONG/For the Reporter

NORTH SHELBY – Robyn Korn’s son Tim died from a heroin overdose when he was only 18. That was three years ago. Today, his mom, Robyn Korn, has made it her to mission to warn other parents about the dangers their children could face, drug abuse warning signs and prevention methods.

Speaking at a parenting workshop sponsored by the Shelby County Board of Education (SCBOE) and the Shelby County Drug Free Coalition, Korn told parents at Oak Mountain Elementary School, “Don’t ever think it can’t happen to you. Everybody is vulnerable”

Holding what looked like an ordinary can of Pringles potato chips, Korn turned it over, popped off the bottom and showed what the product was really designed for, a storage space for drugs. Other seemingly innocent household products, such as a can of soda, WD40 motor oil, even a bright pink magic marker all potentially could be drug containers.

“These are all things that can be used to hide drugs, and all of these containers can be bought on the Internet,” Korn said.

The parenting workshops are being held throughout elementary schools in the county this summer with programs presented in both English and Spanish to teach parents how to help their children be successful in school. About 20 parents attended the OMES meeting, which Kay Corbett, director of the Shelby SCDFC, said was “a good turnout on a Tuesday night in the middle of summer.”

Leah Dobbs Black, supervisor for English as a second language for Shelby county schools said the SCBOE conducts a two-week summer program for English language learners at five sites in the school district.

“We do different theme every summer. One night out of the program is a parents’ meeting with a variety of parenting topics,” she said.

The meeting at OMES was what Mauricio Conix, father of two daughters ages 6 and 8, called “a real eye opener. We thought Shelby County was not what you would call drug free, but close to being drug free. Hearing these stories and the information they gave us was very scary. It made us realize we have to keep our guard up to keep them safe. I am absolutely glad we came.”

For more information on drug abuse prevention, contact the SCDFC at (205) 663-6301 or visit Shelbycountydrugfreecoalition.org.