Ollie loves unconditionally

Published 9:48 am Friday, June 28, 2013

Beth Oedamer and Ollie the dog smile for the camera. (Contributed)

Beth Oedamer and Ollie the dog smile for the camera. (Contributed)

By SANDRA THAMES / Community Columnist

Ollie celebrated his second birthday on Friday, June 21 with many of his good friends at Chandler Health and Rehabilitation. Ollie never meets a stranger, and is unconditionally accepting.

He doesn’t mind if you can walk, stand or bend to pet him, and is perfectly content in laps, with ear scratching, back rubbing and “sweet talk.”

A pembroke Welsh corgi dog, his caregivers Bob and Beth Oedamer got him “straight from the litter” at a Carrollton, Ga., breeder.

The Oedamers are retired and they were ready to give back to the community. Ollie has received all types of training including qualifications, schooling and certifications starting with Pet Smart, CGC (Canine Good Citizenship), and all facets of therapy dog schooling. Ollie has more education, training and degrees than most of us.

Ollie, Bob and Beth go to other nursing homes and community functions. In the future, they hope to expand their visiting list into more and more outlets.

Ollie amazed me in the way he went to each therapy patient as they came to his party. His greeting was specialized according to the person. A therapist held Ollie gently near the face of a sight challenged, despondent patient, and Ollie did not make any sudden moves but got very quiet and only licked at the patient’s hands and made a soft sighing sound as if he understood the seriousness.

Some of the patients were slapping on their legs and wheelchairs, to which Ollie responded by hopping and playing and performing many commands from Beth, and even a few for some young children who were there as guests for Ollie’s party.

Ollie’s good looks, sleek coat and perfectly proportioned body are attributed to his diet of Purina Pro-Plan Weight Control and the guidance of Dr. Buchanan in Calera.

To see the delight on the residents’ faces as they interact with Ollie is truly a blessing. The Oedamers and Ollie are true givers.