Belle Vista bringing in cash for Pelham

Published 10:11 pm Wednesday, July 10, 2013


PELHAM — The Belle Vista Mobile Home Park was purchased by the city of Pelham more than a year ago with plans to expand Pelham City Park.

Those plans are still in place, but for now, the city is simply using the income to pay off the purchase.

“We have other matters to attend to,” Pelham Mayor Gary Waters. “Right now it’s not at the top of the priority list for the city.”

The property was purchased for $3.14 million in 2011 by former mayor, Don Murphy, with approval from city council, said city finance director Tom Seale.

Currently, the property is being managed by a park manager who collects rent and maintains the property, Waters said.

Seale said the property brings in about $53,000 per month for the city, and the money is currently being used to pay off the property.

“The park brings in almost half a million dollars each year,” Seale said. “It should be paid off in about six years.”

The city purchased the park with the specific intent of expanding the Pelham City Park, Seale said.

The park will be involved in an expansion effort, Waters said. The time that will happen and exactly what the expansion will include are unclear.

“Currently, the park brings in a positive cash flow,” Waters said. “The manager runs a good park.”