A counterpoint to previous letter

Published 11:53 am Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dear Editor,

In a recent opinion letter published in the Shelby County Reporter, the writer reached a conclusion about the proposed Pelham city schools based on incorrect information. This writer stated, “I don’t want to stick around to watch a mayor, voted in by the skin of his teeth…”

Gary Waters finished the election with 1793 votes while the closest contender had 750 votes. This is not what anyone would consider “skin of his teeth.”
The writer also stated, “Remember little old Hoover before it was Hoover?” implying that Hoover had boomed due to forming its own school system.

The Galleria preceded the Hoover School System by two years. It could be said that Hoover Schools have made a definite contribution to growth in the community, but it needs to be noted that Hoover’s growth has been fueled by revenue from the Galleria and the economic ripples the mall brought to the community.

John Jones