The Hunt for October baseball [COLUMN]

Published 4:32 pm Thursday, September 19, 2013

By DREW GRANTHUM/Sports Writer

I know it’s the heart of football season in the center point of football country, but I have a very important question not related to football.

Is fall ball still a thing?

I can remember, as a kid, those who wanted extra practice for the spring would eschew football in favor of playing baseball in the autumn months.

I never had the opportunity, as I was always tied up with work in the fall, and I regret it now. My little brother played it, and I can remember the distinct difference between it and spring baseball, and it wasn’t just about weather.

For starters, it was more laid back than spring ball. There were fewer teams, every kid seemed to get a great deal of playing time and the coaches seemed to treat it as if it were a vacation.

No joke, I can remember watching a kid eating chili-cheese fries in the dugout. During the game. And he was the starting catcher. That’s a relaxed attitude that’s wedged somewhere between napping in a recliner and floating down a river in a tube. All that was missing is Christmas lights around the top of the dugout and some music, and it would’ve been a party.

Sure, the kids were there to win, but it wasn’t a winning at all costs mentality. I enjoyed watching it, and I envy those who got a chance to play it.

Plus, there’s something magical about playing baseball as the seasons turn toward winter. This time of year feels reserved for only the greats and for those who aspire to be great, as its World Series time.

Anyways, I wax poetic to ask: Does Shelby County has any fall baseball leagues running? If so, where?

I’d love the opportunity to come out and cover such a league, if for nothing else, to walk down memory lane and to showcase kids playing for the love of the game and for fun, as it should be.

If you know of one, please submit any scores and updates to me at I’d be glad to come out and cover the championship.