All in the family

Published 9:28 am Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Not every company can claim to have its mission statement straight from the words of William Shakespeare, but then, Matter Deep is not just any company. The Pelham-based publishing company, which took its name straight from the Bard’s words in “The Tempest,” has a portfolio which includes myth, magic, vampires, and Mother Goose on a spaceship, and with titles like “Kissing Corpses,” and “The Incognito Project.” Works of matter deep, dangerous and adventurous spirit? Seems to be a fitting description.

“We really liked the sound of it,” said Amy Leigh Strickland, company Chief Web Officer. “It has a Shakespeare connection to literature and some of our work is deep with a super power kind of connection.”

Matter Deep is owned and operated by three branches of the Shelby County Strickland family – CEO Terry Strickland, her husband, Dan, parents to daughter Carly, son Kyle and his wife Amy Leigh Strickland.

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