Sex offenders can be anywhere

Published 11:47 am Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This year, Shelby County has seen a slight dip in the total number of sex offenders living in the county — from 200 last year to 194 this year.

That may sound like good news, but the number of sex offenders required to register for public notification has risen, from 110 in April of last year to the current number of 136. Sex offenders required to register for public notification have typically been convicted of more serious crimes.

Investigators Jason Myrick and Nathan Kendrick with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office share the responsibility for monitoring sex offenders within the county — a huge responsibility, especially for only two investigators who also have regular case loads with the criminal investigations division.

The sheriff’s office clerks also work hard to help protect county citizens by processing documents related to sex offender registration. Some sex offenders must register quarterly, while others must register yearly, so the amount of paperwork can be staggering.

The sheriff’s office does everything it can to keep sex offenders in check and verify that they are living where they should be — however, investigators and deputies cannot constantly watch every offender in the county. Each of us must be vigilant in keeping our families safe.

Check out our map of registered sex offenders on page 8A of this week’s edition and the corresponding list of names and addresses. See if any of these offenders are living in your neighborhood or your city.

If so, take basic measures to stay safe. Know where local sex offenders live and be watchful. Alert your friends and family members so they will know to watch out as well.

Take advantage of the sheriff’s office website at You can keep up with the sex offender registry at your convenience and see if any offenders move into your neighborhood or your city. On page 8A of the Reporter, you can see the definitions of various sexual crimes, so you can know what any nearby sex offenders were charged with.

Remember, though, not all sex offenders have been caught. Make sure your children and loved ones know the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behaviors, and always be on the lookout. Protecting children and loved ones is, as always, the highest priority.

The We Say is the opinion of the Shelby County Reporter editorial board.