Shaw greets friends with a smile

Published 5:04 pm Monday, November 11, 2013

By SANDRA THAMES / Community Columnist

Raised a country girl at her dad’s homeplace, Mattie Sue Shaw was one of 10 children.

“With such a large family, I have always had a need for people – the more the merrier,” said Shaw.


Shaw (contributed)

A member of First Baptist Church of Columbiana since 1961, Shaw looks forward to the adventures of each day and loves helping others and sharing her time with them.

Her love of people has served her well with jobs such as a personal caregiver, employee of Merchants Credit Association, owner of her own florist business and finally an employee of Publix in Alabaster.

Hired on the spot on March 6, 2004 as Publix was preparing for its grand opening, she first worked in the floral department.

“I love flowers, and helping folks with their choices pleased me greatly,” she said.

Customer service was also enjoyable as she could meet and greet folks all day. Today, her face is most familiar in the bakery.

“My fellow workers and all the associates are great, our breads and desserts are top quality and management is great,” she said.

When asked about today’s generation, Shaw commented that she wished there was no hatred, violence or putting others down.

“We should uplift, be grateful for our freedom and truly have a style of life pleasing to Jesus,” she said.

Mother to three and grandmother to two, Shaw recalls a trip to New York City as a special vacation she shared with daughter, Teresa, and granddaughter, Lauren. She also has enjoyed several trips to the beach.

Mattie Sue Shaw has a big heart, is always concerned for her family, friends and customers.

“I love to come to work each day – actually look forward to it,” she said.

After 67 years of marriage, Shaw is, at 83 years young, not even slightly interested in retirement.

“What would I do with myself?” she said.