Trash change was the right move

Published 11:37 am Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dear Editor,

I had to let the Shelby County Commission know that their decision to change from Waste Management might have been the best option.

I have had Waste Management for 22 years and the two weeks before the end of the contract Waste Management skipped an entire week picking up our trash.

We called and reported it and they said it would be picked up by noon the next day and it wasn’t. I called two more times to see if they were going to pick it up and both times they told me that they would. They never did pick up for that two-week period and waited until the last day to pick up.

They informed me I would get a credit for the week they missed and I made them give me a confirmation on my credit. I never received the credit on my account.  Then they came and picked up the trash can, which I had purchased myself.

It sure seems that the County Commission made the right choice. We will see in the next few months how well it goes.

I filled out my card that Waste Pro sent me and I received my new trash can and they picked up our trash. As for Waste Management, they showed us that their word means nothing to their customers and, on more occasions than one, they did not carry out what they said that they would do.

In my book, that is called deceit or dishonesty, and is not a characteristic to have in a reputable company.

Beth Winterbottom