The rougher road to parenthood

Published 2:10 pm Monday, November 18, 2013

Brandon and Courtney Boyington with their daughter Elliana. (contributed)

Brandon and Courtney Boyington with their daughter Elliana. (contributed)

By MOLLIE BROWN / Community Columnist

Parenting is a wonderful experience, though the pathway isn’t always pleasant. Courtney and Brandon Boyington became parents only after two years of infertility testing and treatments.

The journey began with Brandon’s testicular cancer and Courtney’s stage II endometriosis and uterine septum. After several failed treatments, a frozen embryo transfer led to triumph over infertility. Elliana Joy was born May 21.

“Ellie is a gift from God,” Courtney said. “Our faith never wavered during those two years, though there were days I felt hopeless. It didn’t make sense until my fourth day in the hospital from being ( a procedure). I had a revelation that one day I would talk to people about infertility and support them in their journey to parenthood. Elliana in Hebrew means the Lord has responded. Adding her middle name means the Lord has responded with joy.”

Nothing about motherhood has been what Courtney expected, some days she’s lucky to brush her teeth and get a shower. Each day has brought challenges concerning Ellie’s health. When Courtney learned about text4baby, she joined to stay informed of current news about her daughter’s health.

“This is a great service, especially for first-time mothers,” Courtney said. “You text the word “BABY” to 511411. I’ve received information about flu shots, postpartum depression and recently I submitted the date for Ellie’s immunization shots and got a text reminding me of the appointment.”

Ellie now rolls from her back to tummy, reaches for her bottle and her face lights up for mommy and daddy, but it’s not all been a bed of roses for her parents who still get up during the night for feedings.

“Courtney and I have definitely had some scares and issues,” Brandon said. “The journey to getting here was discouraging and frustrating for me, whereas Courtney got emotional. To get through it I’ve had to be strong in my faith and committed to Courtney’s needs.”

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