America should return to her roots

Published 10:49 am Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dear Editor,

While reading my child’s government and economics homework, it made me think. One of the dates listed on his homework is Sept. 5, 1774. Why? It was the meeting of the First Continental Congress, which was attended by representatives from all colonies except Georgia.

Each colony got one vote, regardless of size, population or wealth. They issued the “Declaration of Grievances, which stated that the government should be limited and the colonies had the right to govern themselves.

America was founded on freedoms because so many of the people who came here for a new life wanted to get away from the control of a king or dictator controlling all aspects of their lives.

They wanted freedom to worship their own way, freedom from oppression, freedom to choose their own careers and more.

We have strayed way off this path into more government control because many want the government to “help” them, but in return we have more restrictions and laws, which counteract our freedoms. Many have died to protect our freedoms, so we shouldn’t let them go so easily.

Donna Thompson