At home with Russ and Dee Fine


No one with sense would have put money on Russ and Dee Fine’s marriage lasting.

That’s what Dee says, anyway.

After all, they’d only been on six dates over a few months before they got married in Illinois on Dec. 23, 1966. The wedding itself was a surprise. They had planned to simply pick up a marriage license from a neighboring county’s courthouse that day.

After realizing the license couldn’t be used in their home county, they decided to tie the knot then and there – Dee, who was on a break from work, in a red suit, and Russ in a flannel shirt and jeans.

On Dec. 23, the Fines will celebrate 47 years of marriage. Those almost five decades saw more adventures than most see in a lifetime.

Once the hosts of Birmingham’s top-ranked morning radio show, the Fines also hosted a television show, campaigned for – or against – causes they were passionate about and even had a made-for-TV movie made about them.

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