Seniors have much to be thankful for

Published 4:05 pm Monday, November 25, 2013

Calera Senior Center members are looking forward to Thanksgiving. (contributed)

Calera Senior Center members are looking forward to Thanksgiving. (contributed)

By MOLLIE BROWN / Community Columnist

As we get older, it’s natural for medical needs to become a greater focus in our lives, but Calera Senior Center members direct their focus toward fun and fellowship. Each one has reason to embrace the important meaning behind Thanksgiving Day.

T – Hazel Williams is thankful for people “taking care” of her last year when bedridden for four months.

H – Roberta Donald is thankful for her “home” that is one mile from her granddaughter, Virginia Donald, who takes care of her and her home away from home, Calera Senior Center.

A – Retired Deputy Sheriff Shelton Griffith is thankful for lawful “arrest” to maintain domestic safety.

N – Myra Spigner is thankful for “needs” met by her daughter.

K – Susie Simpson is thankful for “kindness” from friends at the center extended to her and her husband Gus during his sickness.

S – Manager Bo Robertson is thankful for “sassy seniors” and the wonderful opportunity of working with them.

G – Pauline Jones is thankful she is able to “give” and help take care of others.

I – Buddy Butler is thankful for “independence” and those who fight to keep it.

V – Jo Ann Victory is thankful for “victory” in Jesus in overcoming her daughter’s untimely death many years ago.

I – Carol Pless is thankful for “interests” in communities activities, which give her a full life.

N – Preston Nail is thankful he has the “necessities” of life, which include family, church and friends.

G – Assistant manager Tina Simmons is thankful for her “granddaughter” who comes over for play days and goes to church with her.

D – Scottie Shelby is thankful she lives with “daughter” Tess Simmons, who is her caretaker.

A – Macel Eschenbach is thankful for “acquaintances” at the center, most especially Scottie.

Y – Willie Fulgham is thankful to be “young” at heart to enjoy talking to a young, pretty woman. (Compliment accepted with a smile.)

Residents are invited to participate in adopt-a-senior this holiday season. Sign up at city hall or the center and receive a three items wish list. Wrapped gifts must the returned to the center by Dec 16. For questions, contact Bo or Tina at 670-9988.