Sometimes beauty is skin deep

Published 1:29 pm Monday, November 25, 2013

It isn’t superficial, nor is it exclusively for the well-off or the well-known. In 2013 and beyond, a visit to a skin care expert means much more than a cortisone shot to zap a pimple or an injection of Botox to smooth out wrinkles before a high school reunion.

From over-the-counter products, to cosmeceuticals to prescription products, today’s dermatologists focus on designing a skin care regimen specifically suited to address each patient’s skin care needs. This can include facials, light chemical peels, to counseling on proper skin cleansing, skin care and sun protection.

Elizabeth Martin is a UAB-trained dermatologist who has been practicing in the Hoover area for the last six years. In November 2012, she opened a private practice, Pure Dermatology & Aesthetics, which is located on Stadium Trace Parkway. Martin works along with Danette Bentley, who is also a UAB-trained dermatologist, and Kimberly Ennis, a board certified master aesthetician. They have seen firsthand the changes in skin care industry and what has become available, but also in what it can mean for the wellbeing of their clients.

To read more about Pure Dermatology & Aesthetics, check out the December 2013 issue of Hoover’s Magazine. Find your copy here.