Good service is good business

Dear Editor,

“Thank you and come again!”

These are words that are seldom heard any more. I work in an industry where service is demanded. Maybe it is because I do work in that industry that I get so disappointed when I go to a fast food business, a grocery store or basically any business where an individual should be expected to be courteous and respectful.

It seems that over the past several years, business leaders have started focusing more on money and profit rather than service and appreciation.

I have found that business leaders have started ignoring their employees and demanding more work for less pay out of them, and in return the employees have started treating customers as if they are a bother to them.

I know that like most people I work hard for the money I make, and when I choose to visit one of these businesses, I almost feel like I have wasted my money and time. I just wish that someone could sit down in a room full of these business people and show them the way their customers are being treated on a daily basis.

Perhaps if the business leaders realized how important service is to every business, there would not be so many vacant buildings and empty lots where businesses were once thriving. Just a thought.

Wayne Cothran