Cunningham leads Kingwood

Published 1:48 pm Friday, December 20, 2013

Benny Cunningham has helped to shape the lives of hundreds of Kingwood Christian School students over the years. (Contributed)

Benny Cunningham has helped to shape the lives of hundreds of Kingwood Christian School students over the years. (Contributed)

By SANDRA THAMES / Community Columnist

Kingwood Christian School in Alabaster has had many years of success. Quality education, community involvement (such Scrooge and Celebrate America), competitive sports and worldwide missions are just a few of the ministries in which the school is involved.

Well known to all, “Pastor Benny” serves as the admin/pastor leader at Kingwood Christian School and community pastor at the church. Wearing two hats all day and switching from building to building and job to job seems to fit Benny Cunningham just right.

Originally from Bainbridge, Ga., the Cunningham family moved here from the Tampa, Fla. area in 2002 and began his career at Kingwood. Wife, Diane, and twin daughters Lauren and Ashley are all happily employed at Kingwood in various capacities.

Cunningham, a lifelong Florida State fan, is a 1988 graduate of World Evangelism Bible College in Baton Rouge, La. He has been licensed since 1988 and ordained since 1994. Cunningham is also a certified school resource officer and a certified police chaplain.

Originally not focused on a career in a church and school setting, Cunningham, with a smile says, “It was a God move.”

There are 380 K-5 through 12th grade students and more than 225 little ones in daycare at Kingwood.

To help train and build leaders and Christians for the future is of utmost importance to Cuningham. Proud of the growth and success of the “Kingwood Ministry”, whether church or school, makes Cunningham happy, but he dreams of a time when there would be a large new facility on a tract of land that would accommodate years of future growth.

“To turn out God minded graduates that would influence our world in a positive way and to restore a Godly value system in our communities would be a blessing”, said Cunningham.

Kingwood makes a large impact not only with academics but band (marching and concert) and sports including golf, tennis, cheerleading, track, baseball, softball, volleyball, football and basketball.

Cunningham, lover of sports, academics, missions, outreach, area community celebrations and the beaches and mountains loves his job and is a real asset to Kingwood Church and School.


Sandra Thames is a community columnist for the city of Alabaster and can be reached at bobthames1942@