Time for reflection and priorities

Published 8:41 am Tuesday, December 31, 2013

By CAM WARD / State Senator

During the Holiday Season we are usually inundated by the wants of our consumer culture, and have to fight to keep the focus on the real reason for the season. In my house, we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ above all else. And while we probably buy too many toys for our daughter, we also think of ways to serve those who struggle.

In this economy, after five years of recession and slow growth, it is important that we keep in mind those less for- tunate than we are. I’m talk- ing about the elderly woman who cannot pay the heating bill, the young family trying to stretch their dollars until the end of the year, and the dad working two jobs, plus a seasonal job just to make sure his little girl can get that bike that she wants. These are the folks we need to keep in our thoughts in prayers during this time of year.

I personally like to take the time over the Christmas and New Year’s season to count up my blessings, with which my cup runneth over. I have an amazing wife who stands by me through thick

and thin, and we have a beau- tiful young daughter who is thriving in her pre-teen years. She is growing into a young lady before our eyes. We are blessed to have a good life.

I also have the distinct blessing of representing the best parts of the state. The people of Shelby, Bibb and Chilton County have allowed me to represent them in both the House and Senate.

I’m thankful for the people who have supported my fam- ily. Without you we could not enjoy the blessings we have today. I’m also thankful for the people who welcome me into their homes and busi- nesses. Many of you face your own challenges, but share in many blessings. I’m thankful

for the kind words I receive, and for the people who call my office to give me a piece of their mind.

You see, without all of these people, our area, and state would not have the type of freedom and the differences of opinion, which make ours the greatest country in the world. Debate is a blessing to be thankful for, not scorned.

This Christmas, let’s all take the time to reflect on our many blessings, give a hand to those less fortunate, and celebrate the common threads we all share. We celebrate The Prince of Peace, so let’s honor him with our words and actions.

Cam Ward is a state senator from Alabaster.