Chelsea is fit for fitness

Published 2:55 pm Monday, January 20, 2014

Crossfit members enjoy a class. (contributed)

Crossfit members enjoy a class. (contributed)

By TONY NIVENS/Community columnist

Each New Year, resolutions turn hearts toward fitness. With a fitness center on ‘every corner,’ I wondered about the state of fitness in Chelsea.

“It does seem people are more interested in health at New Year,” observed Blake Scozzard, Anytime Fitness manager. “Perhaps they feel it’s a way to start fresh.”

“We were the first 24-hour access, co-ed center in Chelsea, in 2007,” Scozzard said. “We participate in Chelsea Day, Health Fair, Christmas Parade, members’ birthday parties and more to improve awareness.”

In those six years since, other options have come to Chelsea. I wondered if Chelsea is ‘fitter’ now.

“I think Chelsea is more fit,” said Kevin Grandy, owner of Snap Fit, pointing out younger members filling his center. “I love seeing them develop a healthy lifestyle.

“I create a sense of community around what people want. I love kids, but I bring coffee for the older guys, too,” he added. “They love to drink, talk and work out. You don’t survive in a small town without that sense of community.”


So, is that a way to keep us motivated beyond the New Year, being part of something?

“Our members learn you can balance family, work and time to maintain yourself,” Michael Cash of CrossFit said. “The class structure and diversity of CrossFit help people stay motivated.”

Cash explained they use old fashioned body weight in high-intensity movements. “Workouts focus on overall body performance. The trainer-led groups are more enjoyable for most people.”

But, what if health problems hinder us from being active?

“Will has been great for me,” said Lori Fornwalt about Will Lantrip, owner of WillPower Fitness. “I have rheumatoid arthritis. He designed me an individual program and I lost nine pounds in a month. Even my rheumatoid is better.”

“Will helps anyone—competing bodybuilders, preparing marathoners, young athletes, people with a variety of health issues,” explained Maurine Black, trainer and helper. “By designing an individualized training plan, he is able to work within limitations to reach their expectations.”

What do you do for fitness? In future columns we’ll offer center details, as well as other options available in Chelsea.