Racing blind

Published 10:20 am Monday, January 20, 2014


It was May 6 at a practice that Brooke Bailey noticed something wasn’t right with her horse. Bailey, 17, races barrels with her horse Jaspur, and that day it was as if Jaspur wasn’t seeing the barrels.

“On May 9, we took him to our vet in Pell City, and he did an ultrasound on (Jaspur) and showed us that his retinas are completed detached,” Bailey said of her 13-year-old horse. “(The vet) said he doesn’t know how he’s seeing at all, if so. He said it’s like he’s looking out of a pin hole in his top left eye.”

When she got Jasper on New Year’s Eve of last year, Bailey had already been told he could go blind within a year or two.

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