Set In Stone: A historic man leaves his mark on Bluff Park’s Lover’s Leap

Published 2:19 pm Monday, January 20, 2014

Overlooking Bluff Park, limestone boulders adorned with inscriptions invite friends and lovers to leave their mark on this historic site.

Lover’s Leap, off of Shades Crest Road near Tip Top Grill, has sparked interest with many because of its beauty and folklore – both tragic and symbolic.

As an Old Creek Indian legend has it, an Indian brave, tired of the love of a tribal princess, stabbed her on the rock. Out of regret for killing her, he jumped with her in his arms to his death.

But it’s a much happier couple’s story that has attracted many residents to this naturalistic site.

To read more about Bluff Park’s Lover’s Leap, check out the February 2013 issue of Hoover’s Magazine. Find your copy here.