Montevallo works to attract more traffic for local businesses

Published 11:39 am Friday, January 24, 2014

By GINNY COOOPER/ Staff writer

MONTEVALLO—Montevallo is working hard to attract both residents and visitors to shop at local businesses in the area.

The city is currently developing a smartphone application that will include businesses and attractions for easy access to information, Dee Woodham, local small business owner and City Council Representative, said Jan. 24 at the Mayor’s Quarterly Business Breakfast.

“It will be easy to use and convenient,” Woodham said. “It should help generate business.”

The University of Montevallo is also joining the push to promote local business with its “Shop Local Montevallo” campaign. The university is working with local businesses to generate a comprehensive list that will be available to students and parents.

In addition, the university is building a softball field on Middle Street. The softball field should be completed in time for the fall 2014 season, and will attract more visitors through tournaments and competitions.

A city wide track facility will also be built between the traffic center and the University of Montevallo baseball fields.

“This is a $900,000 project that will bring many more people,” Woodham said.

The city is also improving its street signage to comply with Federal standards for reflectivity and make it easier for visitors to navigate the city.