Land transactions for the week of Jan. 29, 2014

Published 9:55 am Thursday, January 30, 2014

The following deeds were transferred in Shelby County from Jan. 7-13, 2014:


Jan. 7

-Suntrust Mortgage Inc. to Federal National Mortgage Association for $93,261 for Lot 72 of Havesbury Phase I.

-Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Celso and Maria Ruiz for $53,600 for property.

-Embassy Homes LLC to Elmer Holden for $262,900 for Lot 322 of Creekside Phase II Part C.

-Gibson & Anderson Construction Inc. to Linda K. Seagle for $310,000 for Lot 2677 of Weatherly Highlands the Ledges Sector 26 Phase Three.

-D. R. Horton Inc. Birmingham to Rosalie E. Perl Greene for $177,400 for Lot 295 of Reserve at Timberline Phase III.

-K. Brian Scott and Jennifer L. Houghton Scott to Elizabeth C. Stevenson and Robert L. Keene for $241,900 for Lot 1217 of Old Cahaba Phase III First Addition.

-Evelyn Hoyle Walker to Wanda W. Snyder for $164,750 for property.

-Michael and Pharshawanthia D. Jackson to Michael and Pharshawnthia D. Jackson for $85,000 for Lot 14 of Cobblestone Village.

-Cadence Bank, Superior Bank and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to Jeremy C. and Jeanne A. Wells for $275,000 for Lot 712 of Eagle Point Seventh Sector.

-Steven W. and Barbara M. Bishop to Edward O. and Cynthia M. Harris for $640,000 for Lot 19 of Legacy Place LLC Resurvey.

-Michael Denver and Gabrielle N. McCool to Roberta Marie Leichnitz for $144,900 for Lot 535 of Savannah pointe Sector V Phase II.

-Douglas V. and Phyllis H. Black to IRA Innovations LLC, for the benefit of, Edmund M. Lowell, IRA, for $40,000 for Lot 224 and 225 of Reserve at Timberline Phase III.

-Rodney T. and Debbie C. Logan to Philip L. and Amanda Watson for $288,000 for Lot 29 of Harvest Ridge Second Phase.

-Phillip Scott and Wendy Jowers to Tamara Just and Jae Scott for $277,000 for Lot 1111 of Lauchlin at Ballantrae Phase I Final Plat.


Jan. 8

-Robert B. and Donna K. Bonham to Amanda K. Cotton and Nicholas J. Earley for $161,000 for Lot 1417 of Old Cahaba IV Second Addition Phase II.

-Brent Aaron and Melissa Burgess to Federal National Mortgage Association for $124,385 for Lot 72 of Enclave Phase I.

-Robert L. and Nancy McMeekin to William D. Jr. and Lindsey A. Bartlett for $57,000 for Lot 7 of Indian Gate Amended.

-John Patton III and Kristi Patton Gulledge to Kevin M. Lindell for $135,000 for Lot 6 of Hamlet Third Sector.

-Sproul Company of Alabama Inc. to Robert Gardner Jr. and Virginia Estes Sproul for $30,000 for property.

-D. R. Horton Inc. Birmingham to Amy Young for $239,900 for Lot 230 of Creekside Phase II Part B Final Record Plat.

-Billy J. Hand Jr., executor, Billy J. Hand, estate, Nelda J. Hand, trustee, and Billy J. Hand Family Trust to Shanta Lanette Benson for $110,000 for Lot 11 of Waterford Village Sector IV.

-Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Marlon Daniel for $78,000 for Lot 230 of High Ridge Village Phase IV Final Plat.

-Robert C. and Brynda D. Roper to Jason and Christy Beck for $87,500 for Lot 5 of Rhett Butler Resurvey of Lots 4 and 5.

-Marks Davidson LLC to Ira Marks and Charlotte A. Davidson for $140,950 for Lot 24 of Perkins Landing Sectors 1 & 2 a condominium.


Jan. 9

-Teresa M. and Larry W. Riddle to Teresa M. and Larry W. Riddle for $87,350 for Lot 91 of Beaver Creek Preserve Second Sector.

-Town Builders Inc. to Greg and Beverly Nichols for $517,663 for Lot 20-27 of Mt Laurel Phase IIIB Sector II.

-Bridget J. Brown to Gregory T. and Andrea L. Anderson for $184,900 for property.

-David Turquitt to Katie Lutz, Janice Thrash, Rebecca Mitchell and Bonie Marquess for $4,500 for property.

-Hewitt L. Conwill to Leroy and Margie Howton for $45,000 for property.

-Natalie G. Williams to Roderick D. and Natalie G. Williams Hood for $75,000 for Lot 246 of High Ridge Village Phase VII Final Plat.

-Ginger B. Talbert, trustee, James L. Talbert, trustee, and Ginger B. Talbert Revocable Trust to William J. and Judith Murray for $400,000 for Lot 56 of Meadow Brook 17th Sector.

-Alvin H. Woods, trustee, and Woods Family Trust to Kevin Dale and Lyndsey Anne Schrum for $212,500 for Lot 8 of Mallard Pointe First Addition.

-Nickolaos G. and Delisa S. Pournaras to Kyle S. and Katie I Jones for $249,500 for Lot 66 of Meadow Brook Fourth Sector.

-Robert Jason Richardson to Joseph Benjamin and Kristin Ferguson Snowden for $169,900 for Lot 1 of Plantation South First Sector Amended Map.

-Kristin H. Taylor to Andrew A. and Catherine W. Barrett for $274,000 for Lot 31 of Riverchase West Second Addition.

-Kenneth W., Kimberly M. and Jerry Don Jones to Nickolaos G. and Delisa S. Pournaras for $370,000 for Lot 241 of Brook Highland Sixth Sector Second Phase.

-Regions Bank, personal representative, Regions Bank, trustee, and Wilton E. Dyson Jr., estate, to Christopher Byrd and Holly Howell Woodham for $243,000 for Lot 22 of Caldwell Crossings Resurvey of Lots 19-23 Lots 27-32.

-U.S. Bank National Association, trustee, and Ownit Mortgage Loan Trust to Tak Shing Chiu for $83,099 for Lot 34 of Spring Gate Sector I Phase III.

-Lisa Marie Alford to Nancy H. and John R. Tribble for $413,660 for Lot 11 of Woodford Amended Map.

-Bank of America, successor, and BAC Home Loans Servicing LP to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $85,360 for property.

-Ronnie Sartain, conservator, and Elizabeth Lee Campbell, estate, to Rodney Glenn and Sarah Jane Floyd for $167,000 for Lot 3 of Wooddale Third Sector.

-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Ashley Herring for $129,900 for Lot 506 of Waterford Highlands Sector III Phase II.


Jan. 10

-D. R. Horton Inc. Birmingham to Yolanda Bethea for $165,000 for Lot 116 of Old Ivy Phase II.

-Carol King to James T. Young for $215,000 for Lot 16 of Greystone Farms Mill Creek Sector Phase II Final Plat.

-Lila Jean Partridge and Brenda Howard to John Edwin Courington Jr. for $93,500 for Lot 1 of Juanita and Ruby Isbell Subdivision and property.

-Bradley S. and Dru J. Griffith to Eric Michael Dern for $209,000 for Lot 9-89 of Chelsea Park Ninth Sector.

-Patricia A. Evans to Benjamin Jordan and Kristen Joy Oliver for $321,000 for Lot 32 of Eagle Point 1st Sector.

-Charles S. Jager to Global Signal Acquisitions IV LLC for $212,000 for property.

-Daniel Senior Living of Inverness II LLC to Warren D. Debardelaben Jr. for $410,000 for Lot 45 of Cottages of Danberry Resurvey No. 3.

-Anni K. Raymond to Anni K. and Charles Britt Raymond for $52,000 for Lot 8 of Green Valley Second Sector.

-Patti Perkins to Jonathan Zarzour for $225,000 for Lot 540 of Grande View Estates Givianpour Addition to Alabaster Fifth Addition.

-Newcastle Construction Inc. to Kyle A. Peterson for $235,576 for Lot 365 of Hillsboro Phase III.

-United States Steel Corporation to Newcastle Construction Inc. for $100 for Lot 73 and 306 of Hillsboro Phase II Amended and Lot 250 of Hillsboro Phase I Amended.

-Jonathan Zarzour to Kendall Scott and Beth Williams for $114,000 for Lot 87 of Stonecreek Phase I Resurvey of Lots 87 and 194.

-Newcastle Construction Inc. to Beverly P. Brandau Rives for $205,900 for Lot 323 of Hillsboro Phase II Amended.

-Penny Isbell to James E. Davis for $5,000 for property.

-Newcastle Construction Inc. to Carolyn Denise and Kurt David Schubert for $254,220 for Lot 204 of Hillsboro Phase III.

-Eastern Valley LLC to Jimmy and Mary Jo Mangina for $199,900 for Lot 54 of Laceys Grove Phase I.


Jan. 13

-Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Robert Pajer Jr. for $99,000 for Lot 40 of Autumn Ridge.

-Arthur Pritchett to Arthur Pritchett, Rufus C. Murray, Clifford D. Murray, Elfrida McClain, Linda Murray Jackson, Brenda Hamilton and Pennie Renee Brown for $11,700 for property.

-Deann G. and Donald M. Bowen to Pen Air Federal Credit Union for $140,000 for Lot 1 of Navajo Hills Second Sector.

-JPMorgan Chase Bank to Greater Birmingham Habitat for Humanity Inc. for $15,000 for property.

-Albert and Lindy Eichelberger to Josh and Kimberly Powell for $93,000 for Lot 3 of Fox Valley Highlands.

-NSH Corp. to Michael T. Gregory for $313,080 for Lot 49 of Village at Highland Lakes Kelham Grove Neighborhood.

-NSH Corp. to Lee A. and Carol C. Wright for $339,619 for Lot 78 of Village at highland Lakes Regent Park Neighborhood Phase II.

-Lonesome Pine Properties LLC to Stephen F. and Lynn H. Carmichael for $157,000 for Lot 36 and 11 of Chase Plantation Third and Fourth Sector.

-Benjamin D. and Jean H. Gerber to Harold L. and Sandra T. Ridgeway for $58,000 for Lot 1 of Strong Ridge Resurvey of Lot 1.

-Deborah W. Anderson, trustee, Trent D. Anderson, trustee, and Deborah W. Anderson Living Trust to Douglas and Jessica Leal for $109,000 for Lot 17 of Chanda Terrace Sixth Sector.

-Margaret Carole Voran and Donnis Joy McLaughlin to Michael Leonis Bailey for $138,000 for Lot 19 of Cahaba Valley Estates Sixth Sector.

-Secretary of Veterans Affairs to James William and Brenda Carter Mullins for $95,500 for Lot 86 of Waterford Village Sector V Phase II Final Plat.

-Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Trevor Pat and Kristal Lane Kesler for $101,808 for Lot 52 of Dearing Downs 1st Addition.