Chelsea’s fitness future looks bright

Published 4:33 pm Monday, February 10, 2014

By TONY NIVENS/Community columnist

I hope you found a fun fitness activity, as we discussed last week, and kept motivated this week.

“Next, set goals to drive you forward, goals that are easily reachable, measurable and behavioral oriented,” recommended Sandy Evers, physical education coach at Forest Oaks Elementary, “

In a recent Facebook poll, I asked Chelsea residents to name their favorite exercise. Basketball is my exercise of choice, but walking was the most popular response.

“I have walked at the County Road 39 Park for years and love it. Walking is the best exercise,” claimed Janette Gerald. “You get your whole body moving. It’s great cardio. Exercising in the fresh air is much healthier.”

Karen Hamilton, with Fred, loves walking on the track at County Road 39 Park in Chelsea. (contributed)

Karen Hamilton, with Fred, loves walking on the track at County Road 39 Park in Chelsea. (contributed)

Karen Hamilton also enjoys the County Road 39 Park track. She said she feels safe and loves the scenery.

“I have seen lots of wildlife here – deer, turkey, squirrels, rabbits-of course and woodpeckers,” she said.

Evers and other local fitness experts warn against over-doing your exercise.

“Next, start goals small, don’t overdo,” Evers said. “Too big and we get sore muscles, discouraged and quit.”

“I worked up to a mile, then two. Now I am up to three miles,” Hamilton said. “I love the seclusion, but I encourage people to use the track. Walking works off stress and clears your head.”

Evers recommended the inactive start with a goal of walking 15 minutes, three times a week. She said people can’t always control results – the number of pounds lost – but easily reachable, “behavioral” goals, such as number of minutes walked, can be “checked off.”

Chelsea is also awaiting completion of the city tennis courts on County Road 51, which will give residents another fitness option. The Chelsea Community Center, planned for completion in 2016, also inspires fitness.

“We brainstormed what we wanted and Bob Wanninger, the architect, designed it,” Juanita Champion, Chelsea City Council member, said of the community center. “It will have a full-size gym, overhead walking track, senior citizens area with kitchen, meeting rooms, dance floor and a workout room with attached nursery.”

Chelsea’s fitness future is looking bright.