Shelby County man charged with manufacturing meth

Published 11:18 am Wednesday, February 12, 2014

By GINNY COOPER / Staff writer

Randy Charles Cook was arrested Monday, Feb. 10 and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and the unlawful manufacture of a controlled substance.



Cook, a resident of the 2000 block of Trott Lane near Mt. Laurel, possessed a “drain cleaner, Coleman fuel, cold compress pack, one pot methamphetamine laboratory,” according to charging documents.

In conjunction with that violation, Cook is also charged with having clandestine laboratory operations that took place within 500 feet of a “residence, place of business, church or school,” according to documents.

Cook’s bond is set at $251,000. Unlawful manufacture of a controlled substance in the second degree is a Class A felony.

If found guilty, Cook could face between 10 and 99 years in prison.

Cook is set to appear for a preliminary hearing March 6, 2014, before Judge Dan Reeves.