Montevallo City Council considers plans for new City Hall, police department

Published 12:45 pm Thursday, February 20, 2014



By GINNY COOPER / Staff Writer

MONTEVALLO—Mayor Hollie Cost and members of the Montevallo City Council met for a work session Feb. 19 to discuss plans for a new city hall.

Cost cited a number of structural problems as the reason for a new building including severe structural issues with the police department such as a lack of adequate heating, leaks in the roof and electrical issues.

“Right now, we’re not complying by our own rules with this building,” Cost said.

Cost also listed the needs for City Hall such as a new roof, more space and a solution for electrical problems.

During the work session, Cost presented a number of ideas but strongly supported the plan to purchase the adjacent Victory Autos building, which the landowners have offered to the city at a discount.

“They want to done more than $100,000 to the City of Montevallo. This is something we need to take advantage of,” Cost said.

Under this plan, about 6,000 square feet of the Victory Autos building would be renovated and used as City Hall. The existing City Hall building would then be renovated to house the police department.

The total cost of the project would be approximately $1.22 million. Project funding would come from money available for capital projects in the city, as well as about $450,000 from money allocated for paving and $30,000 allocated for street signs.

Cost presented a number of other potential ideas drawn up by Gary Walton with TurnerBatson Architects in Birmingham. Some ideas include renovating the existing building and building an addition that would connect the police department and City Hall and provide more space.

Cost also presented the idea of using land near Parnell Memorial Library and Orr Park that the city currently owns, or building a new City Hall on the 167 acres donated to the city by Elizabeth A. Mahler and Shoals Creek Farm Inc.

However, Cost said that after seeking public input she felt public opinion would not support City Hall leaving Main Street.

“If we leave Main Street, we’re sending a bad message to the community,” Cost said.

Cost encouraged City Council members to consider the issue and discuss plans further at the March 10 City Council meeting agenda.