Hoover police chief Derzis was victim in domestic spat

Published 3:32 pm Friday, February 28, 2014

By CASSANDRA MICKENS / Associate Editor

HOOVER — Hoover police chief Nick Derzis was the victim of a domestic dispute earlier this month, according to court and police documents.

A complaint filed in Hoover Municipal Court by a Hoover police officer who was dispatched to Derzis’ home Feb. 10 claims that Derzis said a woman he had been dating for three and a half years attacked him during an argument after he returned home from work that day.

Derzis told police the woman, Kelle K. Cantavespre, started the argument. Cantavespre started to kick Derzis while he was on the sofa, the complaint reads, and attempted to throw an end table at him but missed hitting him. Cantavespre then went down to the basement and returned upstairs with a hammer trying to attack Derzis.

Derzis told police he then went outside with his dog while Cantavespre damaged property inside his house, including a 60-inch flat screen television, two chairs and the basement door, according to a police incident report. Cantavespre again went down to the basement and Derzis returned inside his house.

Cantavespre returned upstairs a second time, according to the complaint, and grabbed Derzis around the neck attempting to choke him. Derzis’ dog, a Great Dane, attacked Cantavespre, who retreated to the basement and remained there until police arrived.

Derzis had red markings around his neck and his shirt was ruffled around the collar area, the complaint reads. Cantavespre barricaded herself inside a bedroom in the basement, where police found her lying on the floor unclothed. Cantavespre had minor scratches on both forearms and one laceration to the left forearm. She told police the laceration was from the dog attack. The complaint continues, “Cantavespre was very uncooperative when [the reporting officer] attempted to gain information [regarding] the events that occurred.”

Hoover Fire and Rescue were dispatched to Derzis’ home, and Cantavespre was transported to Shelby Baptist Medical Center, the complaint reads.

Cantavespre was later arrested, charged with third-degree domestic violence and was released from the Hoover Jail on bond. Derzis faces no charges.

In the complaint, Derzis told police his relationship with Cantavespre ended the day of the dispute.