Pelham mayor endorses Tom Vigneulle for Congress

Published 9:42 am Friday, February 28, 2014


Pelham Mayor Gary Waters has endorsed candidate Tom Vigneulle for the 6th Congressional District.

Mayor Waters is in his first term and has been serving the city of Pelham since 2012. Waters said he believes Vigneulle is “a smart businessman who has the right qualities to lead the district.”

Vigneulle is running in the Republican primary to replace Congressman Spencer Bachus who is not seeking re-election. The primary is June 3rd.

“I am proud to endorse Tom because I believe he is a refreshing choice for conservatives. Voters want elected officials who will listen and work with them to create solutions,” Waters wrote in a release. “They are tired of sending the same old guys to Washington. Tom’s a small business owner, who is acting out of concern for the future of the nation. He understands budgets, spending priorities, and the importance of creating jobs. I know his experience in customer service will translate to a Congressman who voters feel they can talk and relate to.”

Tom and his wife have owned a small business in Pelham for 26 years. They manufacture and sell mattresses.

“I am encouraged and humbled to have the Mayor’s support. The Mayor has worked hard for the city of Pelham, and I am grateful for his commitment. As a small business owner for 26 years, I also know the importance of hard work, customer service, and integrity,” Vigneulle wrote. “I plan on translating that experience to constituency service that voters deserve. Together, we can create solutions and restore common sense and accountability to Washington D.C. I look forward to meeting the good folks around the district as we share our message of small business solutions.”