Majors is a familiar face at Montevallo High

Published 10:07 am Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Montevallo High School secretary Cathy Majors has been with the school for nine years. (contributed)

Montevallo High School secretary Cathy Majors has been with the school for nine years. (contributed)

By MICHELLE ADAMS/Community columnist

“Pardon the interruption, teachers” is how secretary Cathy Majors prefaces a school-wide intercom announcement. Majors has been a kind voice and helpful force leading the Montevallo High School office staff for nine years.

In addition to greeting and directing visitors, parents and students to the school, she assists school administrators, the bookkeeper and registrar, as well as teachers and coaches to keep MHS running smoothly. With the recent renovations, her position has taken on the added responsibility as the first level of security in the main building, since she now has to “buzz” visitors through the interior entrance doors.

“I try to help where I can and still maintain the office,” Majors said. “It was really terrific getting to move into our newly renovated office, and I have so much pride for this work area. Visitors to the school are excited to see the difference, to see how great our entrance looks.”

Every day in education is a new and different day, and this belief extends to Majors as well. The only routine part of her day is at its start.

“After morning announcements, I have to be prepared for anything,” Majors said. “Each day really is different, and that’s one of the reasons I love this job. Not just the people and students at MHS, but the interaction with the public bring me such joy. I never dread going to work.”

Majors’ positive energy and enthusiasm for the school and community is infectious. Just walking into the office makes one want to sit and visit a while, and catch up on the news about friends and family. Her efforts have not gone unnoticed by the staff or faculty, since she has been selected three times as the MHS educational support person of the year.

When Majors is not at the helm of the MHS office, she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren—3-year-old Kole and 1-year-old Leah, who light up her disposition with the remembrance of anecdotal moments she would love to share, after she answers this phone call, and talks to a parent, and gives the principal a message, and oh, there’s always one more thing on her “to-do” list for MHS.