Montevallo deli worker displays heart and soul

Published 10:10 am Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Anita Densmore of Lucky’s Deli in Montevallo. (contributed)

By DOROTHY L. KING / Faith columnist

Love is not just about romance. Love is about goodwill towards your fellow man. It’s about lifting someone up when they are feeling down.

Every time I walk into Lucky’s Deli in Montevallo, I am greeted by a broad familiar smile from Anita Densmore, affectionately known as “Miss Nita.”

Miss Nita sees through to the soul whether it is a doctor, lawyer, factory worker or indigent; she’s very courteous and welcoming to all. It’s apparent that every morsel she serves is loaded with a heaping helping of respect and love.

She understands that little niceties, such as knowing each customer by name, make a huge difference when it comes to great service. She exudes genuineness, godliness and class.

Miss Nita launched her food service career about four years ago after being forced to leave her management position in the corporate arena due to the economic downturn and lay-offs.

When asked why she chose the food profession, she said, “I’ve always enjoyed working with the public and meeting different people. This job gives me the opportunity to continue pursuing that passion.”

Her compassion and bigheartedness is astounding. Even though Miss Nita spends 40 hours a week serving delicious down home cooking, she still found the time to travel across country with a friend to pass out free Bibles to strangers.

In my opinion, Miss Nita is the personification of love, and it shows in her random acts of kindness. She visits the sick and shut-ins, shares her resources with the less fortunate, and is a dedicated and faithful member of the Montevallo Church of God.