Marriages for the week of March 12, 2014

Published 10:22 am Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The following couples applied for marriage licenses in Shelby County for Feb. 25-March 3, 2014:


-James William Rasco, 33, Birmingham and Amber Renee Burton, 34, Birmingham.

-Ryan Martin Gilbert, 32, Pelham and Kira Michele Siegel, 29, Pelham.

-Brian M. McDaniel, 39, Pelham and Casey S. Sibert, 37, Pelham.

-Timothy Caymon Fulgham, 19, Randolph and Kaitlyn Ann Kilpatrick, 20, Randolph.

-Jacob Wade Brooks, 27, Birmingham and Megan Kay Campbell, 23, Wilsonville.

-Michel Jonathan Blancher, 42, Birmingham and Linda Austin Countess, 43, Birmingham.

-Martin Ryan Yeager, 38, Maylene and Alison Hunt Martin, 32, Maylene.

-Daniel Clint Parker, 38, Pelham and Kristy Suzanne Wilkes, 39, Pelham.

-Eric Moore Jr., 29, Birmingham and Rachelle Shanique Simpson, 28, Montevallo.

-Klayton Lee Brown, 25, Vincent and Chelsea Anne Bullard, 20, Vincent.

-Brian Allen McLendon, 23, Maylene and Aubree Jane Yost, 23, Maylene.

-William David Robinson, 44, Montevallo and Jennifer Michelle McCauley, 33, Pelham.

-Matthew Sean O?Brien, 25, Twentynine Pa, Calif., and Melody Joy Tomlinson, 26, Twentynine Pa., Calif.

-Charles K. Johnson, 20, Calera and Cortney Dayle Tyler, 21, Helena.

-Romero Luis Enrique Navarro, 27, Birmingham and Rosalia Lou Cole, 23, Pelham.

-Tommy Gene Ferguson II, 28, Pelham and Kristina Taylor Hall, 21, Pelham.

-Robert Aaron Tanner, 54, Chelsea and Pamela Carson Tanner, 59, Chelsea.

-Henry Edward Marable III, 47, Birmingham and Charlotte F. Moering, 46, Birmingham.

-Nitin Chhabra, 35, Birmingham and Amita Shilpa Mohan, 30, Tuscaloosa.

-Jeremy Jerome Crowe, 32, Alabaster and Madeline Kaye Burdick, 28, Alabaster.

-Carlos Alberto Santin-Garcia, 43, Alabaster and Jaquelin Miriam Lastra-Rosas, 39, Alabaster.

-Mario Martinez-Diaz, 27, Pelham and Adriana Duran Celis, 26, Pelham.

-Brian William Opel, 63, Decatur and Phyllis L. Tipper, 65, Columbiana.

-Joseph Earl Risher, 23, Montevallo and Melissa Christine Anderson, 22, Montevallo.

-Philip Alan Dye, 34, Sylacauga and Rachel Mae Lutz Dale, 36, Montevallo.

-Charles Haley Minchew, 42, Northport and April Lynette Stevens, 40, Northport.

-Felix David Spivey, 23, Montevallo and Rachel Nell Matthews, 22, Montevallo.