Taking time for busy dads

Published 1:10 pm Friday, March 14, 2014

By MOLLY DAVIDSON / Staff Writer

HELENA—For the parent of a young child, life can be very hectic. Robb Schiefer and Matthew Laird can attest to that, it’s part of what inspired them to form the Dads with Small Children group at the Church at Cahaba Bend.

“There has been a push at our church for small groups that cater towards the needs of our church,” said Schiefer. But with young children and a busy schedule, he found it difficult to attend meetings.

Schiefer and Laird decided to form the Dads with Small Children group after a get together in November with several other fathers of young children. They realized there was a void, and a strong interest to create some type of group for this demographic. So with full schedules and limited time in mind, Laird and Schiefer set up the Dads with Small Children group

“We joke that it should be called ‘the small group for dads who don’t have time for a small group,’” said Laird of the new group, which meets one Tuesday each month, starting Tuesday, March 18.

Dads with Young Children aims to “foster growth among this demographic.” During their meetings, Schiefer and Laird plan to discuss topics common among fathers of young children as well as “Your Life…Well Spent” by Russ Crosson, a book they will read together.

“It has a financial intuit, but it asks the hard questions,” said Schiefer. “As men we strive to work hard and provide for our families, but in the end how do you want your children to remember you?”

Although their children might be around the same age, those in Dads with Small Children are actually quite diverse.

“We have guys in their 20s, guys in their late 50s, and everyone in between, not everyone is the same,” said Laird. “But that’s the beauty of it, we’re all struggling with the same issues.”

Dads with Small Children will meet during the evening at the Church at Cahaba Bend, located at 3721 Highway 52 in Helena, starting March 18. Schiefer and Larid encourage those interested to check the Church at Cahaba Bend Facebook page for more information and how to join.