Forest Oaks Elementary perform patriotic program

Published 3:21 pm Monday, March 17, 2014

Forth grade students at Forest Oaks Elementary perform in patriotic assembly. (contributed)

Forth grade students at Forest Oaks Elementary perform in patriotic assembly. (contributed)

By TONY NIVENS/Community columnist

“At a recent assembly at Forest Oaks Elementary, fourth grade students performed a patriotic program called ‘We Love the U.S.A. — a Tribute to Our Country,’” said principal Dr. Resia Brooks. “The main theme of the program was thankfulness for our freedom. We had 15 veterans come and participate in the program.”

Parents and grand-parents of students who served our country in the armed forces were invited to stand and be honored as students sang a verse about their force during the program.

“I am very patriotic in my focus, as a teacher and principal,” Brooks said. “It is important that students learn love for their country and good citizenship as early as possible. It helps them value and appreciate our country to the fullest.

“We want them to develop good citizenship skills, to know how to behave as citizens, even now. Cleaning your room is being a good citizen of your family,” she added.

As a student Brookhs had a principal, Mr. Hamner, who encouraged citizenship with his Super Citizen Award. Hamner taught that good citizenship is about the choices we make, how we treat others, not littering, etc; as well as love for country.

“If a student was awarded Super Citizen of the Month they got to eat lunch with Principal Hamner. It was a big deal to the students,” Brooks said.

Brooks’ meal with Hamner and his citizenship focus not only led her to be an educator but it also inspired her to pursue good citizenship in her students now as she serves our community.

“Our mission statement at Forest Oaks is ‘to foster a productive learning environment where the celebration of diversity allows each child to achieve their goal in society,” Brooks said.

The mission statement and creed are maps for students on the road to good citizenship. Students lead a recitation of the creed, pledge of allegiance and a moment of silence each morning over the p.a. system.

The Forest Oaks Creed: “I am a smart, talented, and valuable person. There is no one else like me. I respect myself and I respect others. I give only my best in all that I do. We are Forest Oaks.”