Association plans for community’s safety

Published 4:36 pm Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dear Editor,

The community of Riverchase in Hoover recently created a committee to help their fellow neighbors in times of crisis, such as the recent January snow storm.

Paul DeCarlo, Chairman, said the first committee meeting was held February 27 at Premier Property Management to discuss how to organize and develop the committee.

Once the committee is officially approved by the Riverchase Residential Association Board, they will take action to train volunteers. Volunteer duties might include communicating with a call tree, removing trees blocking road ways, clearing ice and snow from roads, directing traffic, and helping people with special medical needs. The Riverchase Country Club has allowed storage of some equipment.

Their Mission is: To safely, expeditiously and efficiently protect the people and property of Riverchase during times of inclement weather or disasters to the best of our abilities.

The official announcement was made at the annual Riverchase Association meeting held on Tuesday, 3/11/2014 at the Riverchase Country Club. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Paul DeCarlo, Chairman at 205-677-8463, or Mark Thomas, Co-Chariman at 205-288-7162, for more information.

Paul DeCarlo