Frank Noreed: Alabaster’s Renaissance man

Published 1:56 pm Monday, March 24, 2014

By SANDRA THAMES / Community Columnist

A Seattle Seahawks fan since early childhood, local teacher Frank Norred has taken a lot of teasing from his friends in the 38 years of the franchise. He has consistently believed that some day “his team” would win the Super Bowl.

Imagine his delight when this year was that year.

Frank Noreed is a teacher and golf coach at Alabaster's Thompson Middle School. (Contributed)

Frank Noreed is a teacher and golf coach at Alabaster’s Thompson Middle School. (Contributed)

A local Alabaster student, Norred graduated from Thompson High School in 1993 and attended Jacksonville State University on a band scholarship. After a brief stint at Jacksonville State, Norred transferred to the University of Alabama where he was better able to pursue his interests of music. Playing drums for more than 25 years is a big part of Norred’s everyday life.

Most weekends he is on the road, weather it is backing up a big tour, staying in this area or taking the bus to many different venues. Whatever the event, the genre of music lives in Norred. Blues, rock and country fill a huge part of his life.

For his “real job,” Norred is a special education teacher at Thompson Middle School. Norred appears relaxed, sort of quiet but great with his 17 student caseload. Two years at Creek View Elementary from 1998 through 2000 and the rest of his time at his present location at Thompson Middle School make Norred a well-known, widely recognized and respected individual.

As if he needed more to do, Norred is also the golf coach at the school. Being an avid Crimson Tide fan, Seahawks fan, coach, teacher and traveling band member ensures that Frank Norred is active all the time.

Instructing his students on how to become better readers is a main goal for Norred. Comprehensive skills and essay writing will be the result. Typical issues among special education students are ADHD, learning skills in mathematics, written language problems, emotional issues and autism.

“I was always going to be a band director like my mentor and friend Kevin Snowden,” Noreed said. “He is still a close friend. If I have a problem I can’t solve I often call on Kevin. However I do love my challenges as a teacher.”