MES celebrate Black History Month with performance of “A Trip to the Museum of African American History”

Published 3:17 pm Monday, March 24, 2014


MONTEVALLO – Students at Montevallo Elementary celebrated Black History Month with a performance entitled “A Trip to the Museum of African American History.” Two performances were held on March 13. A group of fourth and fifth grade student performers will make the Museum of African American History come to life through a medley of speech, song and dance.

In the skit, the performers travel through time, taking a guided field trip tour of the museum. The students interact with animated statues (performed by other student actors) of influential African Americans who changed the course of history. The time-travelers were also entertained by pop dancers and steppers as part of their guided museum tour.

MES students in kindergarten-second grades attended the first performance at 8 a.m. Third-fifth grade students attended the second performance at 9 a.m.