Matt Pitt to be released on Palm Sunday

Published 10:50 am Thursday, April 3, 2014

By GINNY COOPER/ Staff Writer

COLUMBIANA—Matt Pitt, youth pastor and founder of The Basement, is scheduled to be released from the Shelby County Jail April 13, according to Capt. Ken Burchfield of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.



Pitt pleaded guilty to impersonating a peace officer in Shelby County in September 2012, and was put on probation. However, his probation was revoked after allegedly committing the same crime the following June.

In October 2013, Judge Dan Reeves ordered that Pitt serve 10 months, the remainder of his one-year sentence.

Pitt is being released according to a calculation determined by the jail, Burchfield reported.

“There is a calculation used to arrive at his release date. He is not being released early. He is being released in accordance with the judge’s orders,” Burchfield said.