The message of the cross is hope

Published 3:37 pm Monday, April 14, 2014

By MOLLIE BROWN / Guest columnist

The message of Josh Turner’s song “The Long Black Train” is about watching out for temptation and not giving in to temptation because it will take you on a ride to the middle of nowhere. The beautiful train and whistle that sounds so good make it hard to resist climbing onboard, but the devil’s driving the train and its destination is your destruction.

There is a way to overcome temptation. Before Jesus was arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane, he told his disciples he had overcome the world. How could Jesus say he had overcome the world if he had yet to suffer death on the cross?

As a carpenter, Jesus surely experienced the pain of a nail and didn’t look forward to what awaited him, but it wasn’t physical pain he agonized over in the garden. The man who knew no sin would shortly take upon himself the sins of the world- past, present, future. He was in a state of angst. Sweat like drops of blood fell to the ground in anticipation of bearing the sins of the world and the wrath of God that mankind deserves. defines angst as “the dread caused by man’s awareness that his future is not determined but freely chosen.” Jesus pleaded to God three times for an alternative way, then prayed “not my will, but your will” and there overcame the world when he accepted God’s will. His prayer underscores the gospel message the only way to forgiveness for sin is the shed blood of Jesus.

Christians will celebrate the resurrected Jesus Christ April 20. Christian Life Fellowship in Calera Pastor Mark Davis said anyone can have victory over temptation.

“Christ’s resurrection guarantees the fulfillment of every promise he made to us – victory over sin, every need met, life with him forever,” Davis said. “Anyone, I mean anyone, who puts their faith in the resurrected Christ will not be disappointed.”

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