Shelby County bus drivers compete in Bus Road-E-O

Published 4:04 pm Monday, April 21, 2014

By GINNY COOPER/Staff Writer

MONTEVALLO—Bus drivers from all over Shelby County gathered on April 16 at the University of Montevallo to compete in the 2014 Bus Road-E-O.

The event, hosted by the Shelby County Schools Transportation Department and the Alabama Traffic Safety Center at the University of Montevallo, tested bus drivers on a variety of skills including railroad stops, student pickup, backing up, diminishing clearance and a pre-trip inspection of the bus.

The top four contestants, Rhonda Kendrick, TJ Dunaway, Becky Farmer and Allison Stancil, are now eligible to compete in the state competition in June.

Kendrick, who placed first this year and was awarded a perfect score three years ago, has been a bus driver for 23 years at Pelham High School.

The competition is a good time to interact with other bus drivers, Kendrick said.

“I enjoy the camaraderie with the other drivers. I like to hear about their ups and downs, so you know you aren’t the only one,” Kendrick said.

Stancil, who also qualified for the state competition, is a bus driver for Shelby County High School, and has been driving buses for over 19 years.

“I enjoy competing in the rodeo. I’m a very competitive person when it comes to the rodeo,” Stancil said.

Competition aside, most all of the drivers can agree that the best part of the job is the children.

“The children, getting to know them. That’s the best part,” Stancil said.