Land transactions for the week of April 30, 2014

Published 10:47 pm Thursday, May 1, 2014

April 1
-Donovan Builders LLC to Dana P. Martin for $313,900 for Lot 130 of Grey Oaks Sector I Final Plat.
-Shawn Louise Yarbrough to Walter E. and Pinnie H. Yarbrough for $7,000 for property.
-Chad P. and Brittney N. Lee to Herbert Richard Cutrer Jr. for $168,000 for Lot 12 of Chanda Terrace Fourth Sector.
-J. Anthony Joseph to Nathan Powell and Lisa Romager for $45,000 for Lot 4 of Rhett Butler Ridge Resurvey of Lot 4 and 5.
-Karen L. Olvey and Greg Johnson to Cynthia Smith for $116,500 for Lot 25 of Hayesbury Phase III Final Plat.
-Kimberly Dawn Kent to William Hugh Marion Jr., for $126,500 for Lot 76 of Rossburg Sector I.
-Ronald Mac and Pandora Ann Dean to Tobias L. and Jacquelyn D. Head for $169,900 for Lot 46 of Forest Lakes Sector I.
-J. Todd and Mary B. Rosser to Roderick W. and Kimberly B. Campbell for $246,000 for Lot 5 of Baileys Farm Road Subdivision.
-David A. and Alexandria Harris to Woodford Simpson III and Kelly McConnell Quinn for $198,000 for Lot 154 of Autumn Ridge Second Sector.
-W. Chris Price and Mera F. Priest to Matthew D. and Brooke Butler Lawrence for $172,400 for Lot 2-53 of Chelsea Park Second Sector.
-North Alabama Bank to Paul and Ava Andrews for $42,500 for Lot 49 of Maple Ridge.
-Lisa Brasseaux to Brandon Andrew and Lindsey L. Hartley for $125,000 for Lot 718 of Savannah Pointe Sector VII.
-Fannie Mae to Hector Ramos Gomez for $18,800 for Lot 11 of Chelsea Estates First Addition.
-Ebsco Industries Inc. to Caritas of Birmingham for $105,450 for Lot 1 of Ebsco Industries Inc. Resurvey.
-Daniel Senior Living of Inverness I LLC to W. L. Danberry VII LLC for $40,500,000 for Lot 1 of Danberry Village Final Plat.
-Charles Terrell Grant to Eric J. and Jennifer L. Mosley for $525,000 for Lot 1632 of Highland Lakes 16th Sector.
-Mary Ann Meadows to Mykea Debardleben for $100,000 for Lot 290 of Waterford Village Sector V Phase III.
-Kim Harper to Lewell S. and Jennifer Deason for $358,000 for Lot 121 of Lakewood Phase I Final Plat.
-Mary R. and Mary S. Morris to Sherry and Garland Shirley for $190,000 for property.
-Michael J. and Mercedes K. Sampsell to Sampsell Rentals LLC for $228,810 for Lot 1 of Stinson Estate Lot 1 and Lot 2 and property.
-Michael J. Sampsell to Sampsell Farms LLC for $229,670 for property.
-Michael J. and Mercedes K. Sampsell to Sampsell Farms LLC for $84,760 for Lot 2 of Stinson Estate Lots 1 and 2.
-Rowena S. Frazer, co personal representative, John Chalmers Frazer, co personal representative, Hallie Mariana Frazer, co personal representative, and Ylia Frazer, estate, to Cuyler and Barbara Murphy for $83,334 for Lot 322 of Alabama Power Company Recreational Cottage Site Sector III.
-Richard L. and Cindy H. Grimes to Charles and Kathryn Cusimano for $240,000 for Lot 30 of Heritage Oaks.
-Joan Baltes to RHA I Birmingham LLC for $105,000 for Lot 29 of Chanda Terrace Sixth Sector.