China and Tak need your help to find homes!

Published 4:14 pm Monday, May 5, 2014

China and Tak need your help to find homes!

China and Tak (contributed)

China (left) and Tak (right). (contributed)

China is a special pup with a tender soul. This 1-year-old Lab mix is shy and frightened by the shelter setting, but thanks to the animal care staff and volunteers we are starting to see her personality blossom. She is happy to see familiar faces, wagging her tail and offering kisses and snuggles.

Tak is a 2-year-old, grey and white medium-haired beauty. She loves cat naps, cuddle time, eating, sleeping, snoozing, purring and resting. All she needs is a happy home and a loving family to provide her a great space for her favorite hobbies.

For more information about China and Tak, email or call 669-3916. To see the large variety of adoptable cats and dogs at Shelby Humane Society, visit our adoption floor Tuesday through Saturday from noon-5:30pm. Be sure to follow SHS on Facebook and at as we prepare for the 2014 ASPCA Rachel Ray 100K Challenge. With this community’s help we are excited that we will save more lives than ever before—choose Shelby Humane Society and give life a chance.