In support of Cheryl Ciamarra

Published 4:09 pm Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dear Editor,

I’m seeing Internet and TV ads about candidates running for Alabama State Representative District 43 who are claiming they oppose Obamacare. Suddenly at election season, these people are taking a public position. But I know a woman who has spent many years warning us of the dangers of government intrusion into our personal liberties, giving seminars at Samford, speaking at national conferences on the topic and personally informing the general public.

Cheryl Ciamarra, MCD, a healthcare provider herself, first as Director of Lakeshore Speech and Hering Clinic, later NRLC Board Director representing Alabama in Washington DC and Host of Focus On Life Radio, is the most knowledgeable person regarding the disastrous government takeover of our health insurance. She was working tirelessly to educate our Representatives on the Independent Payment Advisory system that is designed to ration care by cutting physician reimbursement for services to the elderly, disabled and terminally ill.

If Cheryl had not been volunteering her time in Montgomery, Alabama might not have passed the Opt Out of Abortion Funding legislation that is saving Alabama taxpayers an estimated $5 million a year. Having served on Alabama’s State Health Care Coordinating Council, Cheryl is the healthcare business leader we need representing District 43 in Montgomery.

Joseph Kolar

North Shelby County