Alabaster students compete in first-ever Police Olympics

Published 3:44 pm Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Teachers and students participate in the Police Olympics May 20. (Contributed)

Teachers and students participate in the Police Olympics May 20. (Contributed)


ALABASTER – Thompson Intermediate School and the Thompson Sixth Grade Center kicked off their very first Police Olympics May 20 at the Larry Simmons Field.

After training for four weeks under Student Resource Officer Nat Parker of the Alabaster Police Department, fourth-sixth graders from Candice Chenault’s and Melanie Bales’ classrooms competed in activities similar to Police Academy training. The goal? To meet and beat their personal goals set during their training.

The event opened with a ceremony and pledge led by Parker, followed by the sixth grade choir’s performance of the National Anthem. Participating students then prepared for the competition.

Cheered by their families, friends, fellow students and staff, students performed timed sit-ups, push-ups, and even an obstacle course and quarter mile relay.

Chenault, Bales and Parker, who planned the event, recorded the students’ results. Most of the students reached their goals.

The event aimed to teach students the importance of setting goals and striving to achieve them.

Thompson Intermediate’s Assistant Principal Stephanie Sealy described the event as “a great experience” for the students, teaching them not only to set and achieve their goals, but also to “persevere, and work as a team.”

“We wanted something to inspire the kids at the end of the school year,” Parker explained at the close of the event. Rolling away a large tractor tire from the obstacle course with the eager help of young victors, he further expressed his desire for the students to understand and recognize the reward that follows hard work.

Will Thompson Intermediate repeat the Police Olympics next year?

In Parker’s words, “Definitely.”