What’s cooking on the corner?

Published 4:13 pm Monday, June 2, 2014

By KRISTIN NEMETH / Community Columnist

Hungry? Need an option for lunch in Wilsonville?

Ruth Hall with Hot Dog on Wheels may just have you covered!

Miss "Ruthie" operates Hot Dog on Wheels in Wilsonville. (Contributed)

Miss “Ruthie” operates Hot Dog on Wheels in Wilsonville. (Contributed)

Set up at the corner of McGowan Road (‘McGowin’ if you gander at the road sign, however Wilsonville residents can tell you differently) and Highway 25 you will find the quaint, but very delicious, hot dog cart and Miss ‘Ruthie.’

Growing up in New Jersey, Ruthie always wanted to own and operate a hot dog cart. Spending 12 years in the health care field and going through a corporate downsizing, she saw her opportunity.

“I told my husband this was something I wanted to do. I’ve lived in Wilsonville for 12 years and wanted to give people another option,” Ruthie said. “I hoped that offering something quick and hot for lunch would attract a lot of the truck drivers and others.”

This is the second season Hot Dog on Wheels has operated in Wilsonville.

“I was blessed by the Edwards, who own the property and the next door BP station, to use the corner,” she said. “Every day, I get more and more customers. In fact, I have some who stop by so often, they get upset when I’m unable to set up due to bad weather.”

Hot Dog on Wheels currently operates Monday-Friday 10:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. Ruthie can be reached at 368-2744 or at hotdogonwheels@yahoo.com.

So the next time you are in town or simply passing through, look for the friendly smiling face of Ruthie and have one of her hot dogs. They are sure to please!