Hoover City Schools lays off nine employees

Published 5:49 pm Monday, June 9, 2014


HOOVER — The Hoover Board of Education approved a resolution to lay off nine employees during its regular meeting June 9.

Superintendent Andy Craig explained the resolution for declaration of reduction in force, or RIF, during the board’s work session.

“It is basically an education version of a layoff,” Craig said, adding that the layoffs are due to a shortage of revenue. Craig resassured the board that the schools will continue to be well-staffed.

The affected employees include teachers, as well as administrative and support personnel. Craig said the school system will not release further details until the affected employees have been notified.

The affected employees will have an opportunity to be considered for recall, or reemployment in vacant positions, within a 30-day window, Craig said. The employee must contact the school system to be considered for reemployment within that time frame, according to school policy.

Board President Donna Frazier went on to ask Craig how often layoffs occur and whether more layoffs are expected. Craig said the common causes for school system layoffs are a shortage of revenue and declining enrollment, the latter of which does not apply to Hoover schools. The restructuring of the schools’ transportation department triggered the last round of layoffs. However, some affected employees were “recalled subsequently as we had movement in the transportation department,” Craig said.

Craig added: “I believe [the resolution] applies to this action tonight and the folks listed in the RIF, but I do not expect a RIF this month or the month after that.”