Pelham Planning Commission approves rezoning of Indian Lake Drive property

Published 10:23 pm Thursday, June 12, 2014

By MOLLY DAVIDSON / Staff Writer

PELHAM—The Pelham Planning Commission unanimously approved the rezoning of a 15.8-acre property located at 3442 Indian Lake Drive from A-1 Agricultural District to RG Residential Garden Home District for a possible new development during a June 12 meeting.

The Planning Commission reviewed and failed to approve a previous request to rezone the Indian Lake Drive property during a Jan. 9 meeting. However, since that time the property came under the direction of a new developer, AFK Properties LLC., and a new plan was created for the land.

The new development plan has differs from the previous plan in several key aspects. The new plan calls for a reduction in lots, does not develop as much land and addresses the drainage concerns brought up under the first plan.

“The city can be happy, residents can be happy and it still can be a feasible project,” Connor Farmer of AFK Properties LLC. said.

The new plan calls for 41 residential garden lots, a significant reduction from the 62 lots stipulated by the first plan. Additionally, Farmer said unlike the old plan which called for the “flattening” of a “natural ridge” on the property, the new plan “does not touch” the ridge.

Finally, the new plan replaces the 14-foot detention pond with two shallower detention ponds to alleviate runoff. Farmer noted the design should cut the existing runoff “in half” after the development.

“That is a pretty good point for the people down stream,” Farmer said.

Several residents of homes near the site of the proposed development voiced concerns about a possible increase in traffic during the June 12 public hearing.

“I already have trouble getting on to 261, 82 more cars is going to make it really tough,” resident Terry Meredith said.

Despite concerns, the Planning Commission approved the rezoning of the 15.8-acre property on Indian Lake Drive.

“I think you have done a great job (redesigning) this,” Planning Commission member Bob Sinclair said. “I don’t think it could be any better.”

Although approved by the Planning Commission, the plan must also receive the approval of the Pelham City Council. The City Council will hold a public hearing to discuss issue on June 16.

“There is opportunity for you to continue dialogue,” Planning Commission President Mildred Lanier said to the concerned residents. “As we go forward, please make your concerns heard.”