Marriages for the week of July 2, 2014

Published 9:18 am Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The following couples applied for marriage licenses in Shelby County for June 17-23, 2014:

-Brian William Hulbert, 39, Birmingham and Mary Clare Rountree, 47, Birmingham.
-Aryn Ray Mosley, 23, Montevallo and Megan Rebecca White, 19, Montevallo.
-Randy Darryl Britt, 64, Wilsonville and Pamela E. White, 52, Wilsonville.
-Eric Edwin Blackwell, 28, Columbiana and Lisa Marie Samples, 23, Columbiana.
-Andrew Charles Crisp, 26, Birmingham and Elisabeth Ashley Boykin, 27, Birmingham.
-Matthew David Kennessey, 26, Sterrett and Heather Lauren Stanford, 23, Sterrett.
-Nathan Kagy Gray, 22, Birmingham and Priscilla Grace Ozbirn, 19, Birmingham.
-Zane Will Kirkpatrick, 34, Birmingham and Heather Renee Scott, 36, Birmingham.
-Jerry Dustin McAuley, 41, Sterrett and Ann Michelle Hill, 37, Sterrett.
-Terrence Latreall Lucas, 36, Calera and Charlene Marie Hale, 33, Calera.
-Christopher Vance Williamson, 25, Alabaster and Rebecca Ann Springrose, 25, Birmingham.
-Morgan McDavid Henderson, 33, Shelby and Autumn Marie Johnston, 31, Shelby.
-William Matthew Draper, 43, Montevallo and Kati Louise Cochran, 42, Montevallo.
-Oliver Moses Spellman, 24, Montevallo and Tiffany Nicole Robinson, 23, Montevallo.
-James Caleb Pehnale, 28, Birmingham and Lindsay Rae Harland, 27, Birmingham.
-Michael Rustin Harris, 39, Calera and Tam Billitz, 39, Birmingham.
-David Floyd Flowers, 53, Birmingham and Lynnmarie Patterson Cook, 54, Birmingham.
-Frank Howard Cantrell, 50, Calera and Karel Renee O’Neill Gardner, 52, Calera.
-Nathaniel Bailey Eason, 18, Pelham and Alia Marie Glaze, 18, Alabaster.
-Zachary Leonard Kusiak, 23, Pelham and Danielle Monique Walpole, 23, Pelham.
-Travis D. Carroll, 24, Calera and Alexsandria Marie Matos, 23, Calera.
-Raymond Jerome Walls, 38, Birmingham and Anna Owens McCracken, 38, Birmingham.
-Labrada Jose Rodriguez, 25, Birmingham and Lombard Azucena Guerra, 29, Birmingham.
-Benny Cleve Casey, 64, Alabaster and Wanda Wilkinson Casey, 64, Alabaster.
-Jared Adam Weatherford, 33, Alabaster and Kaysie Elizabeth Stewart-Cumbee, 35, Alabaster.