Taste of farm life

Published 12:55 pm Monday, July 7, 2014


Just beyond the glare of city lights lies a reminder of simpler times.

Stone Hollow Farmstead, founded in 1999 by Deborah Stone, spans 80 acres in Harpersville and includes an array of fresh plants and playful animals. But instead of keeping this retreat a secret, Stone wanted to share the farm experience with children and adults alike. So, she created a farm school to give people a complete look at a more natural way of living.

“I have a sweet memory of my childhood and experiences on the farm,” says Stone, who grew up on a farm. “I’m hoping to recreate that for people. If they embrace farm life in a way that helps them create memories, then mission accomplished.”

The school kicked off the first Saturday in March and will run the first three Saturdays each month through June. Broken down by age groups, the classes allow people to get a pure taste of life on the farm…


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