Full moon fever? Not at all, just the perfect time to go fishing [COLUMN]

Published 4:07 pm Thursday, July 17, 2014

Know a great place to fish in Shelby County? I'd love to hear from you. (FILE)

Know a great place to fish in Shelby County? I’d love to hear from you. (FILE)


I was out at Oak Mountain High this weekend covering the WPSL tournament, when I noticed something during halftime that caught me by surprise.

It wasn’t anything to do with the game — though I’m certainly glad our home team, Alabama FC won both matches and the conference championship — it was a something just over Oak Mountain that got me.

It was a big, orange moon.

I believe they called it the super moon, or something like that. Regardless of name, it was gorgeous and it got me thinking about something my father has said since as long as I can remember:

“If the moon’s full, the fish are biting.”

Seriously, I can remember as a kid, coordinating our fishing trips with when the moon would be full and the chance of catching fish would be.

I still do it to this day, and while it’s been explained to me about their nesting and feeding habits, I don’t try to take full moon fever for science. I feel like it’s part of the supernatural lore we tend to have in the South.

Enough of that though, because I came to a sad realization: I still haven’t really been fishing in Shelby County yet.

I’ve hit a few places here and there, but nothing substantial. Never been to Lay Lake, or Oak Mountain State Park or anything.

Primarily because I don’t know the good spots. I haven’t really run into any of those old school bait shops with hand painted signs and gurus of the water behind the counters.

Which is why we’re still looking for community columnists. You guys out there know the lay of the land, and I know you’ve got stories you’d like to share.

We’re not just looking for stick and ball sports columnists, we’re looking for rod and reel and rifle and woods columnists, too.

Seriously, feel free to throw me a line — no pun intended — and we’ll talk about getting you writing for us.

Email me, and you might have me hook, line and sinker.