Chef’s Table serves country club members with flair

Published 3:49 pm Tuesday, August 5, 2014


INVERNESS — Inverness Country Club hosted its exclusive Chef’s Table summer dinner Wednesday, July 23.

Supper seats quickly filled in anticipation of the unique, upscale five-course meal prepared by Executive Chef Eric Morin.

Intended to be a special experience for its attendees, the event is limited to no more than one time per season and only a dozen participants.

Country club dining closes for the occasion, providing the Chef’s Table spectators with the full attention required to make their experiences all the more memorable.

Attendees are waited upon in an “intimate kitchen setting” as they are entertained with an engaging meal preparation from their place settings at the kitchen counter.

“We have a fun time planning it,” said Morin, who has professionally fed his culinary talents for 35 years. “It needs to be something that they don’t see on a regular basis.”

July’s meal, said Morin, featured cauliflower soup with cheese scallops in chive oil, homemade strawberry sorbet and other dishes created with farm-fresh ingredients, many of which had been grown in his own garden.

Jason Bradberry, who is the service director at the country club, paired a different wine with each course.

“We try to keep it interesting,” said Morin. “We try to come up with something for each course that has a story behind it,” he said before describing July’s entrée: 28lb bison tenderloin.

For an additional and more literal touch of flair, Morin served his customers a blazing flambé.

Such amusement well conveyed the Inverness Country Club’s strive to create a memorable night for its members through its Chef’s Table event.

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